How I feel about casing…


An extra post today. I have discovered that I have inadvertently been involved in a heated discussion about cardmakers copying fellow card makers cards, then entering them in competions. From what I can gather someone did this with one of my designs, and won. I have never made any secret of the fact, that is what my blog is about.I feel if I didn’t want my cards copied I wouldn’t post them on here. This is my hobby and if my ideas inspire fellow cardmakers, all to the good.If I find a cheaper/easier /new way to do something, then yes I am going to share it!To those cardmakers who don’t want their ideas copied – don”t post them on the internet! having said all that ..if I do case a card and show it here I always tell you you here where I cased it from .. it’s only fair that the original artist get recognition. Enough from me for now, normal blogging will commence later today.IMG_3168 (Medium)

5 thoughts on “How I feel about casing…

  1. Hi Helen,
    I am of the same opinion as you. If you don’t want it copied don’t put it on the internet because it is inevitable that someone will copy it. I also agree that recognition should be given to the original artist. I had a card making date with a friend and she liked one of my creations so much she told me she was going to make a card that I had created and I was actually quite chuffed because she is a much more talented card maker than I am and she thought my idea was excellent. Another friend actually threatened to have someone for copyright if she saw her particular card being taught anywhere. Given the amount of people on this good earth of ours I think that more than one person is going to come up with similar ideas to one another. Love looking at your creations by the way. Take care and happy crafting.

  2. I agree..I CASE a lot but if I post to my blog I will say I have, don’t think I have entered a competition with a CASEd card though

  3. Casing? Gosh, you learn something new everyday….no matter how old you get! I’m very new to all this and finding your blog was a pleasure, because all the cards I admired we’re overseas and products, etc. were not available here. Imagine my joy when a card I admired was a fellow Aussie! I love your style of card making Helen, it’s very similar to mine and I dont copy, but I do get lots of ideas, and isn’t that what it’s all about? It’s called sharing, and thank you for it….and the cute dog!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more Marcia, – Casing means copy and share, and I don’t mind people doing it all with my cards, but it seems some people do!In the meantime we will just carry on doing what we do, and let others argue the pros and cons! the cute dog is my card room companion Patches – he is 15 years old ( well closer to 16 now) and wherever I am he is. He has little beds all over the house, but the one in the craft room is used the most!

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