Coptic Book Binding…

IMG_0025IMG_0026IMG_0100 Over the last couple of months I have taken a Coptic Book Binding course. I loved the idea of making my own notebooks, and I am enjoying the process so much!The top two photos are my first attempt, and I am using it as a photo album to put in my assorted road trip photos, so all the papers I chose to use have a very Australian outback flavour. The second book is my latest attempt where we learnt a new binding stitch..a bit more thinking required on this one and a bit more practice still needed! I have made a few more in between classes, and I made one book with mixed media experimentation in mind so that one has lots of different papers to fit that theme. The weather has been so hot here crafting in the craft room has come to a standstill so I have enjoyed sitting under the air conditioner working on my books! Til tomorrow….




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