Kaisercraft silver bells 23,24,25..the last….

IMG_2970 (Medium)IMG_2971 (Medium)IMG_2972 (Medium)Here as promised are the last of my kaisercraft silver bells series.The bottom two cards are gatefold cards,with both side edges folded into the middle of the card.The inside of these cards are decorated with some patterned paper and a space for a greeting. I have moved on from christmas cards in the craft room, and have been using some papers that I bought, but hadn’t played with yet, but my back is still not co-operating when it comes to sitting, so I have been up and down a fair bit, moving around which does seem to help, but gets very tiring! the hot water bottle and deep heat haven’t helped so I had to give in and get some pain killers from the chemist – something I hate doing, but I am determined to enjoy my holidays! til tomorrow…../

kaisercraft silver bells, 17,18,19,20,21 and 22!

IMG_2966 (Medium)IMG_2967 (Medium)IMG_2968 (Medium)We have come back to kaisercraft Silver Bells paper colection because I know quite a few of my lovely followers have bought this collection and are enjoying seeing my creations with it. Six cards today, 3 more tomorrow and we will finally say goodbye to this one!these ones are all made from the 12 x 12 papers, collectables, and the only extra is ribbon.(Oh, there may be a little paper from the 6″ pad too, but it would be easy to substitute 12 x 12 papers).I have moved on from christmas cards for the moment, and I am playing with the new collection from Kaisercraft called sail away. It is great for male themed cards and the colours are beautiful clear red, and blue. I also bought a few of the new dies that tie in with this collection. I find I have become a little addicted to the kaisercraft dies because they cut so cleanly through my big shot machine. yesterday I spent a little time just die cutting anchors, chains and lighthouses so that I have a nice collection on the craft table, and don’t have to spend time getting up and down to die cut.Looking forward to a nice crafty session as long as my back holds out – in a bit of pain and off now to find the hot water bottle! til tomorrow….

kaisercraft silver bells 14,15,16..Not Christmas!!

IMG_2870 (Medium)IMG_2872 (Medium)IMG_2873 (Medium)Kaisercraft silver Bells collection – 6″ pad and matching collectables. There were some bits and pieces in this collection which made lovely female birthday cards , made a change from christmas!!here are three of my non christmas cards .Lots of ribbon and lace and teamed with grey cardstock, because I do love pink and grey!   We are going to take a break from the silver bells collection, although I have so many more to show I think I will put them all up in one post later on down the track, because I have been busy with other collections  as well, and it will be Easter before we get through them all!! Today I have been busy making more christmas cards for an order I received last night for 50 xmas cards. it’s all done now, and honestly I feel like packing up the xmas bits and pieces and moving on, but Mum tells me it’s too early to do that.I think I have done 300 cards this year already. Tomorrow I will work on some mens cards I think just for something completely different and on Monday I am sitting in on a class to learn some new techniques..so excited to be the student.. can’t wait! til tomorrow….

Kaisercraft silver bells 11,12,13, gatefold.

IMG_2864 (Medium)IMG_2867 (Medium)IMG_2868 (Medium)Kaisercraft silver bells, and these ones are a gatefold design – just using an a5 piece of cardstock ( 21 cm x 15 cms) fold the outer edges into the middle, easy to do and a really nice change from the standard fold of card. I have made good use of the 12 x 12 sheet of kaisercraft silver bells card front images, and fussy cut some baubles from another piece of 12 x 12 paper to decorate the other side of the card front. Inside is also decorated with paper. Ribbon and bow  to finish off the bauble. These cards are based on a class I taught earlier this month.Day off today, and I am going to get my eyes tested, and maybe a little retail therapy as well! til tomorrow….

silver bells side stepper card

IMG_2863 (Medium)A quick post tonight, while tea is in the oven! This is my simplified version of a side stepper card. i have played around with the measurements so that it fits in a normal c6 envelope for ease of posting, and its just one cut and a few folds. I did a class with these and everyone got the gist of them very quickly! In a couple of weeks when I am on holidays Nathan and I will do a youtube video with all the measurements!In the meantime for the decoration I used Kaisercraft silver bells patterned paper, and inked all the edges with tea dye distress ink, and added a lovely silk bow, and some lace on the very back panel.Oops theres tea ready.. til tomorrow…..

Kaisercraft silver bells 7,8,and 9

IMG_2859 (Medium)IMG_2860 (Medium)IMG_2861 (Medium)3 cards today, all made with Kaisercraft Silver bells paper collection and matching collectables. I put these ones up altogether in this post as the are all following a similar design using the baubles from the collectables pack and the sheet of 12 x 12 paper ( which I fussy cut out). Silver ribbon and little bows for interest, and the greetings are from the papers. day off today and I am on my way to the dentist. Nothing major, just a little filling, but not fun all the same. Its a glorious day here in adelaide, much too nice to be stuck in the dental surgery! til tomorrow…..

Kaisercraft Silver bells 5 and 6

IMG_2855 (Medium)IMG_2856 (Medium)Kaisercraft Silver bells paper collection and matching collectables. The top card has a piece of 12 x 12 paper as the background, a collectable image and the greeting is from a piece of the 12 x 12 paper. a touch of ribbon and lace completes that one. the second card has a piece from the 6″paper pad for the background and the baubles are a mix of collectables and fusy cutting from a 12 x 12 paper.collectables for the greeting, and ribbon to finish.we will take a couple of days break from this series, so next time something different! we will return to these later in the week. Another lovely weekend gone by, and its a very early start for me tomorrow, so early to bed tonight, but might still mange another hour in the craft room! til tomorrow….

kaisercraft silver bells number 4

IMG_2869 (Medium)Kaisercraft Silver Bells paper collection and collectables. Again I have folded the front of my card base ( stampin Up cardstock) back on itself, and decorated with some of the paper from the 6″ pad. I edged all my paper with tea dye distress ink, and added a strip of lace and a ribbon bow to finish. a beautiful sunny day here in adelaide today,and Nathan has been outside picking bags and bags of lemons. We have enough lemon juice frozen to keep us in lemon cordial for a year, and have given many bags away.Thankfully we are nearly at the end of them now, and all the other fruit trees have lots of blossom so hoping for a bumper year this year! Til tomorrow….

Kaisercraft Silver Bells number 3…

IMG_2857 (Medium)Kaisercraft Silver Bells once again, this time the pink tones of the paper. I used the papers from the 6″ pad for this one, and as for the previous card folded the front of the card back on itself.Inside I used an image from a 12 x 12 paper ( which had room on it for writing your greeting)and added lace and ribbon. I also edged all around all the papers with tea dye distress ink. it was good to catch up with all my ladies at a lesson today, and one day of work tomorrow then the weekend! Til tomorow….

Kaisercraft Silver bells 2..

IMG_2851 (Medium)I made a few cards with this paper (kaisercraft Silver Bells) where I folded the card front back on itself and decorated – just for something a bit different! The card front and inner back is decorated with a piece of the 6″pad and I used a collectable for the focal point. A piece of 12 x 12 paper is stuck inside the inner back so that you can write your greeting. I like this – no inserts to do! Til tomorrow….