Kaisercraft silver bells 23,24,25..the last….

IMG_2970 (Medium)IMG_2971 (Medium)IMG_2972 (Medium)Here as promised are the last of my kaisercraft silver bells series.The bottom two cards are gatefold cards,with both side edges folded into the middle of the card.The inside of these cards are decorated with some patterned paper and a space for a greeting. I have moved on from christmas cards in the craft room, and have been using some papers that I bought, but hadn’t played with yet, but my back is still not co-operating when it comes to sitting, so I have been up and down a fair bit, moving around which does seem to help, but gets very tiring! the hot water bottle and deep heat haven’t helped so I had to give in and get some pain killers from the chemist – something I hate doing, but I am determined to enjoy my holidays! til tomorrow…../

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