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IMG_2963 IMG_2963 (Medium)IMG_2964 (Medium)IMG_2959 (Medium)Here are the last 5 cards in my simple stories claus and co series ( sorry the top one uploaded twice – not sure what happened there!) The same simple cards as the others in this series with just the addition of ribbon and bling. the bottom card is a gatefold card just for something different! No crafting for me today, still resting the knee so spent most of the day with my laptop in bed sorting out my pinterest boards. a bit like spring cleaning really, and I am happy that they are sorted out. til tomorrow….

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IMG_2960 (Medium)IMG_2961 (Medium)After a short diversion we are back to Christmas cards. These ones are made with Simple Stories Claus and co papers and journalling cards.Everything I needed was on the papers, I just added some ribbon and/or bling for a bit of texture.Today I feel I have made some progress with my knee – I had my MRI and x-rays done,and will find out whats going on on monday. Although it is still not good, I can hobble around a bit with the help of Dads walking stick – lucky he has a collection of them!each little trip requires a couple of hours rest afterwards, but not feeling so helpless as I have done all week!little steps…. til tomorrow….

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IMG_2957 (Medium)IMG_2958 (Medium)Another 4 cards made with Simple Stories Claus and Co paper collection, along with the matching washi tape and journalling cards. The great thing with this collection is all I had to add was some ribbon and bling for a bit of texture, and not even that on some of them.We will take a short break of a day or two from this collection so that I can show you some non-christmas cards just for a bit of a change! Yesterday I took a box of leftover bits and pieces over to mums, and we sat and made 20 more christmas cards to donate to the nursing home my older sister is residing in. We have started to do this, and the residents are truly grateful to be able to go to the box and pick out cards for their family members. we ( my sister and I) have only been doing this for a couple of months and already 100 cards have been put to good use.It’s great because I have finally found a terrific use for all my odds and ends.Today is another hot day here in Adelaide and the last day of my holidays, so time to polish my work shoes and dig out my uniform! til tomorrow….

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IMG_2955 (Medium)IMG_2956 (Medium)Another 4 cards made with simple stories Claus and co, just the papers, washi tape and journalling cards from the collection.I added ribbon and bling, and die cut circles from glitter card for these ones. I like the fact that the greetings are incorporated into the paper designs in this collection. Today I have prepared a village lesson, and as I have officially stopped making christmas cards, I can now make a start on all the papers I have been buying and putting to one side. Ahh, what to choose first….til tomorrow…..