Simple Stories Claus and Co 5,6,7,8..

IMG_2955 (Medium)IMG_2956 (Medium)Another 4 cards made with simple stories Claus and co, just the papers, washi tape and journalling cards from the collection.I added ribbon and bling, and die cut circles from glitter card for these ones. I like the fact that the greetings are incorporated into the paper designs in this collection. Today I have prepared a village lesson, and as I have officially stopped making christmas cards, I can now make a start on all the papers I have been buying and putting to one side. Ahh, what to choose first….til tomorrow…..

3 thoughts on “Simple Stories Claus and Co 5,6,7,8..

  1. Haha..what a wonderful decision to have to make Helen..enjoy. although your Christmas cards have been a pleasure to peruse..xx

    1. oh but Marcia, don’t worry I have a lot more christmas cards photographed and ready to post on the blog. I may have packed up the gear but we will still be seeing them for a little while yet!

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