Part 2 Merry and Bright..

I missed last week, it was a busy week, so I have posted a couple of extra cards to make up for it! This is still Merry and Bright paper collection, by Uniquely Creative, and it is perfect for Australian Christmas cards. I love traditional Christmas, but we just don’t have snow over here, and definitely don’t need mittens in December! Anyway this collection is uniquely Australian and still embraces the season of goodwill, and you might notice I managed to make a birthday card too! We are at time of year here when the weather is not too cold, not too hot, its goldilocks weather and I love it. I am still making Christmas cards, probably just another week or two and that will be Christmas done for this year. I have made less because I haven’t been able to get to any markets or fairs to sell them on , hopefully next year everything will be new normal and we can all gather and catch up again! til next time, stay safe…

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