Kaisercraft basecoat Christmas 3 and 4

IMG_4951 (Medium)IMG_4952 (Medium)Two more cards made from Kaisercraft Basecoat Christmas collection. Simple and straightforward – just what I like for Christmas cards when I have to post so many! I used the matching collectables and some ribbon trim and buttons on these ones. To make sure the buttons don’t get crushed in the post I will pop a little bubble wrap over them before putting in the post.Til tomorrow….

4 thoughts on “Kaisercraft basecoat Christmas 3 and 4

  1. I love the pine cones and the memories they bring. My brother and I would collect bags of them, on the farm and sell them to Mum and Dad for pocket money. This is another great Kaisercraft collection and your cards are beautiful.

  2. Haha, we had a slow combustion stove in the kitchen and a big open fire in the lounge and pinecones burn easily and have a lot of heat in them.

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