Kaisercraft fiesta 2..

IMG_0697 (Medium)Kiasercraft fiesta 6″pad and matching collectables.For this one  I layers  a few of the label die cuts from the back of the pad and a couple of the collectables, added some gold twine, sequins and flowers and punched a butterfly to finish.This hot weather is draining all of us here,not much we can do but sit around and conserve our energy, thankfully there is a cool change coming on Sunday! til tomorrow…..

7 thoughts on “Kaisercraft fiesta 2..

  1. Hello Helen……This is such a bright & cheerful card, and so pretty too! Anyone having a Birthday would love this Card. I am trying to catch up with viewing your Cards, been on the Sick List the last couple of weeks, this one really brightens my day! Thank you! So sorry you are having such heat out there, is it the dry type of heat or is it muggy? It’s 25F here and snow is expected, they say we may have a White Christmas. Try to keep cool! Take care, Love….Janice.

    1. sorry to hear you havent been well Janice, hope you are on the mend now. A white christmas sounds lovely,I have never seen snow, maybe one day!Today is 43C (which is over 100F)and its a dry heat, everything is shimmering outside.Muggy would be worse so we shouldnt complain!

      1. I’m over the worst of it now Helen, thank you so much for your concern, it’s very much appreciated. How is your knee? I hope all is going well with it and you able to get around again. Oh! It is hot out there! We get dry heat here in summer too but I am from Sydney originally, so I do remember very well those hot muggy summers! Please try to keep cool!

      2. My knee is well on the mend Janice, and I go back to work on Monday, just in time for the Christmas rush, only have to work 3 days, then have 5 days off before I work another 2 and have 4 days off – lovely the way the public holidays fell this year!And it gives me a chance to ease into it gradually. What part of America are you living in?

  2. I am so happy to hear your knee is well on the mend, don’t overdo it when you return to work. I live in the Colville area of north eastern Washington State. It’s a big recreational area, lots of fishing, hunting, camping etc. We had 6 inches of snow last night, wish I could send some of it down to you to cool your hot weather off! They say more snow is to come this weekend, looks like it will be a good time to curl up in front of the wood stove. Please take care Helen.

    1. A bit jealous of the snow!So strange to think of you curled up in front of the wood stove when we are flat out under the air conditioning ducts!A bad day heat wise here, 44C, but a cool change is coming in tonight and bringing some welcome rain with it and I am so looking forward to cooking a roast beef for lunch tomorrow after a week of salads.Stay warm, Love helen.

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