Kaisercraft My Cherie card in a box

IMG_4126 (Medium)Quick post today as I am back to the work routine! This is the last Kaisercraft My Cherie for now,as I said I have a lot of this paper so it will pop up again…I did a card in a box, fussy cut the butterflies from one of the 12 x 12 sheets, and stuck them on thin strips of acetate.The paper on the actual box is from the 6″ pad. Til tomorrow…..

5 thoughts on “Kaisercraft My Cherie card in a box

  1. Hello Helen……..Oh! I love the butterflies! and the “Card in a Box” you create are just beautiful! I love those Cards! That butterfly on the side looks as if it has just landed in amongst the flowers! I am so pleased you have a lot of the Ma Cherie paper, it’s lovely, will so look forward to seeing it again in the future. Hope the weather has cooled down for you and is more comfortable, we are starting to warm up here during the day, they actually forecast 80F by the end of the week! I’ll melt! Take care Helen…….Love Janice. xx

    1. Hi Janice, yes the weather has cooled, and we actually had some rain this morning! Of course with the cooler weather comes the flus, colds etc, and much to the delight of my menfolk I have had no voice all week! Off to the doctors tomorrow to get something to bring it back!enjoy your warmer weather janice, love Helen xx

      1. Hello Helen…….So sorry to hear you have lost your voice, hope the Doctor can give you something to cure that and make you all well again. I am looking forward to some warmer weather, hopefully will help with the aches and pains! Take care of yourself Helen and get well soon, you are in my thoughts! Love, Janice.xx

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