All about my crafty trip today!

Hello! We are back safe and sound after a terrific cruise around Tasmania. The craft classes I ran went smoothly ( the same can’t be said of the first couple of days at sea which were very rough!) I met 80 lovely ladies while teaching my four classes, and we had great fun.The ship ( the Astor) was lovely, small by cruise ship standards with 640 guests.Instead of cards today I am going to pop up a few photos..This photo is me on our way to the trial evacuation with my life jacket, which we all had to come to grips with putting on.IMG_6914IMG_6953IMG_6934The next 3 photos are Pt Arthur. the little orange dinghy was our tender boat from the cruise ship to dry land ( and it did take a little while to get our land legs working after 3 days at sea, we all looked like we had enjoyed the red wine a little too much!)IMG_6972IMG_6994IMG_7005The next group of 3 photos are of Hobart.A view from Mt Nelson, and 2 gorgeous photos of the botanical gardens. I loved the gardens and could have spent all day exploring them. An hour isnt enough time there! IIMG_7066IMG_7063 will have to go back to see all of them.The last two photos are of Burnie,one coming into the dock and the other taken from the bus tour we did of the surrounding countryside, stopping at a chocolate factory ( lovely afternoon tea), cheese factory and winery.By getting on the bus tour we saw a lot of the surrounding country, and it was beautiful. There were pockets of dry fields as it is the end of summer, but lots of greenery too. So thats a bit of an overview of my trip, I hope the photos come out in the correct order! Apologies if they don’t. Next post will be back to cards! Til tomorrow…..IMG_6876

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