Graphic 45 double easel card – and side view

IMG_5871 (Medium)IMG_5872 (Medium)Graphic 45 couture collection paper, and lots of fussy cutting! I have included a side view so that you can see how I constructed my double easel card. This paper lends itself wonderfully to easel cards because there are so many elements to fussy cut out, without needing to add flowers, ribbon or bling. the paper is really enough on its own. I have come to the end of this series, so tomorrow we will have a look at something different! very hot here today, so I only ventured into the craft room for a short while – the first time I have been in there in quite a few days, and had a play with some of my new paper,but the heat has driven me back to my comfy chair under the air conditioning vent!Til tomorrow….

4 thoughts on “Graphic 45 double easel card – and side view

    1. 2 pieces Marcelle – one smaller than the other, and each one folded. I have organised nathan, and we are going to make a youtube clip of how to make these this week while I am still on holidays, so you will be able to see me make one step by step.

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