Kaisercraft Mint Twist …more..

IMG_8552 (Medium)IMG_8553 (Medium)IMG_8557 (Medium)These are definitely quick and easy cards, most of them just use a couple of the collectables from Kaisercraft Mint twist, and very little paper and extra embellishments have been used at all, so perfect for selling in packs and totally different style to what I usually do!.Today I have been busy with Nathan filming a clip for the paper flourish blog which will be posted on Wednesday. I had some lovely things to play with – some new kaisercraft dies and some of this months Tropical Punch paper from Kaisercraft.Nathan has just told me he has finished the editing so I am off to see how it turned out. Til tomorrow….

4 thoughts on “Kaisercraft Mint Twist …more..

  1. Hi Helen, I love the Mint Twist Christmas cards. I have a personal question and please feel free not to answer if you wish. I am new to making cards, as I started scrapbooking first, however, I love card making as I find it very relaxing and creative. My son moved out 5 years ago and I took over his bedroom and created the most amazing craft room. My question is, what do I charge for my cards? Some cards are more detailed, or a larger size, while others are simple, with less work(but, of course,still personal and better than mass produced store bought cards)! I had a figure of $3.50 a card or 4 for $10.00. Maybe the first figure is too expensive for a Christmas card that has been made with leftovers, but would be an appropriate price for a detailed Wedding card. I would be grateful for any input on this subject. I love that you create every day, and work!! Due to I’ll health, I no longer work, but the creativity is alive!! Many thanks for taking the time in your busy day. Yours in friendship, Marcia Hyatt.

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    1. Hi Marcia, I don’t mind answering your question at all – I charge $3 a card, or 4 for $10, so you and I are on the same wavelength there!Card making for me is a hobby, so I don’t set out to make a profit , just enough to cover costs and continue doing something I love.Christmas cards are priced differently – I sell them in packs of 4 and charge $5. I find by making them up in packs I can mix in a couple that might have been a little cheaper to make, such as ones using scraps, die cuts or stamped cards ( which really dont cost too much at all to make!) If I make a really special one with lots of product for an order I usually make a matching box and charge $6 for them.

      1. Thank you so much Helen, for answering my question so promptly. I also do this to keep the brain active and as relaxation, but lately I have been asked to make a couple of special cards by friends. Do you put completed cards into those clear cello bags, before selling? I will now leave you in peace! Regards Marcia Hyatt

      2. yes I do – I buy them in packs of 250 from our local party supplier. It keeps them clean while waiting for buyers!

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