Mintay Urban Jungle part 2…

Her, as promised are the other 3 cards i have made so far with Mintay urban Jungle..a week late, I know, But things have been happening! First we were sent into a deep lockdown due to an outbreak of Covid. Thankfully our wonderful health professionals were on top of the contact tracing so swiftly we didn’t have to endure a very long “nothing but supermarkets and medical places open” for very long at all, and things are now almost back to normal with minimal restrictions. So a great time to craft I hear you say? No. My son is finally coming home after spending four years interstate, and not being able to see him all this year, there is nothing but excitement here as I empty my craft room to give him a place to lay his head until he gets his own place. Also now that the shops are finally open I have to do a last minute push to finish the Christmas shopping. Crafting will happen, but it is going to be sporadic for a while!In the meantime stay safe, Til next time….

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