Farewell to English rose

In keeping with my new years resolution to use up some of the paper collections I have accumulated I took out this one – Kaisercraft English Rose, which was released last year before Mothers day. I had made a lot of cards with this paper at the time, it has been a favourite, but it was time to use up the little bits that were left. Who knew I would get so many more cards out of the scraps! I have used various dies, ribbon, cardstock, lace, flowers and bling and still had bits left so I took the leftovers to the Village ladies for them to use on their Mothers day cards for the troops.This photo took Nathan and I half an hour to take, the light wasn’t good, and the cards kept falling. I was up on a chair holding the backdrop and had no control over it so its not as good as nathan likes but I gave up! Today is an exciting day in my blog world because at some stage this afternoon someone is going to be my 30,000th visitor. That number has made me stop and think about all things bloggy! In the past 18 months since I started my blog I think my cardmaking has come a long way, and I have learnt lots of new techniques thanks to the many lovely friends I have made in the crafting world. I have started teaching in that 18 months as well, and some of my students are also my blog followers and my friends. I have developed e -mail friendships with lovely ladies around the world,and I love hearing how life is in other countries.Of course Nathan has been with me all the way as my techie support and my photographer. We have taken close to 600 photos of my cards – to the point that the budgie makes the click of the camera as soon as she sees Nathan coming with it! Would I stop blogging – No Way – it’s like a crafting diary that I just happen to be sharing with as many people as want to see it and I am so appreciative that you all do ! This is a very long post today – I better go or else I will have no time for card making today! Til tomorrow….

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