Stampin Up Tuscan Vineyard continued..

IMG_0322 (Medium)IMG_0323 (Medium)Here are the other two cards I made with all stampin up supplies, and the Tuscan Vineyard stamp set.The top card has an interesting background – I created an oval mask and then rolled over the vanilla cardstock with suede ink and a sponge roller. The resulting background looks like a sandstone wall which fits in perfectly with the theme of the card.Quick post today as I have just accepted a job on a cruise ship for a 7 day trip as an arts/crafts instructor and I have to plan out the lessons. Great excitement here, but will have to wait until March for the trip!Til tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Stampin Up Tuscan Vineyard continued..

  1. Hello Helen…These Tuscan Themed Cards are lovely! Especially like the lower one, the scene is so peaceful looking, and I am partial to the color purple too! You have put a lot of work into these beautiful Cards! Thank you for sharing them with us! Would also like to add how much I loved the Cards you previously made with the “Madamoiselle” Papers, I love the Vintage style with the bling. ribbon & lace, I hope you will make some more of those at a later date. Congratulations on getting the Cruise Ship job, that is so exciting, I am so happy for you! Where will you be Cruising too? Well, we are ‘suffering’ with the heat over here, Summer has finally arrived with a ‘bang’! It has been up in the 90sF. the past couple of days, reached 98F today, and there is more to come, I don’t like it when it gets that hot, I don’t handle it very well! Please take care of yourself. Love Janice. xx

    1. HI Janice! sorry to hear about your hot weather.ours is the opposite, we are experiencing the worst storms we have had in over 30 years!I will definitely be going back to the mademoiselle papers – I bought the whole range and havent even hit the tip of the iceberg yet and so many more ides for them,but this weekend it’s all about planning cruise cards! I am very excited about the opportunity to do this!We will be cruising right round the isle of Tasmania – somewhere I haven’t been and so looking forward to it!Love Helen x

      1. Hello Helen…I am so sorry to hear about the storms you have been having, I hope it improves for you soon. Our heat is still here, but they say it will cool down into the 80sF later this week, so I will look forward to that, so much better than the 100F! I am so thrilled for you to have the opportunity to go on the Cruise, and going all around Tasmania will be a wonderful experience. I haven’t been to Tasmania either, always wanted to but never got there! I’m so happy for you! I am so glad too you will be going back to the Madamoiselle papers sometime in the future, thank you Helen! Please take care.. Love Janice xx

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