Kaisercraft Ooh La La 3..

img_3297-mediumStraight away I must confess this is not my design..it is the design of my good friend Mandii, who designed it for the Class in a box kit that I bought from Paper Flourish.I don’t usually do the designs suggested in the box, I go off on a tangent and do my own thing, but I fell in love with this one of Mandiis. Everything on the card was in the box, and of course the main item is the gorgeous Kaisercraft Ooh La la papers.This is the last with this paper for now, I have many more waiting to be photographed so we will be returning to it soon, but next up on the blog list is some more Christmas cards, we are getting to the end of them now! Today is my little puppy’s first birthday so i must go and make a fuss of her…til tomorrow….

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