Simple Stories, the story of us 5 and 6..

IMG_5763 (Medium)IMG_5764 (Medium)Simple Stories, the story of us paper collection. the beauty of this paper was that it didn’t need too much else to complete the cards. The top card has some fussy cutting,sequins,ribbon and a leaf punch, while the bottom card has the addition of a doily,flower some sequins and leaf punch.Today I have been busy putting together some Ikea furniture, while Nathan rejigged the sitting room corner where my computer lives.So pleased with myself that I managed to follow the instructions and build my 2 drawer wooden filing cabinet, and I only have a couple of screws and thingmajigs left over. I hope they weren’t integral to the sturdiness of my cabinet! Til tomorrow….

3 thoughts on “Simple Stories, the story of us 5 and 6..

  1. Gorgeous cards Helen – so elegant! Love how you added the gold sequins to the first card too – they look fantastic.

    I love Ikea and bought some furniture for my Craft Room (a couple of years ago now) and put it together myself – I was so proud of myself esp. for someone like me who hates reading instructions LOL! There are always one or two extra screws & bits and pieces so I am sure your cabinet will be fine 🙂

    Jocelyn x

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