Bo bunny Madeleleine 3 and a conversation about scissors

IMG_5119 (Medium)Bo Bunny madeleine collection, fussy cut bird detail and some strategically placed ribbon bows and lace!. I was asked an interesting question today by a blog visitor, and I thought I would take some time to answer and add some tips as well. I use Fiskars scissors when I am fussy cutting – not your normal fingers through the holes type scissors though, I use the squeeze type, mainly because I don’t get tennis elbow with these type of scissors. I was suffering badly from tennis elbow with the amount of fussy cutting I do when I used the normal style scissors. My scissors are not cheap, but I am only on my second pair in over ten years of fussy cutting, so value for money I think. Other scissor related facts – I have my one pair for fussy cutting, I have a pair of surgical scissors( very sharp) for ribbon, lace and material, and a pair of very cheap normal scissors for cutting anything sticky. other cutting tools… my fiskars trimmer which has been with me from the very beginning is in my take everywhere craft bag, and my stampin up trimmer and making Memeories rotary trimmer are on my desk in the craft room. The rotary trimmer is for cutting my cardstock as I make all my own card bases and I have had it for about 7 years now and never had to replace a blade, and the stampin up trimmer is for everything else. I like it because I can also score on it and it has handy measurements on it which almost makes my ruler redundant! hope this helps … til tomorrow….

4 thoughts on “Bo bunny Madeleleine 3 and a conversation about scissors

  1. Thank you for the info on the scissors. This is a darling card. I have this very Bo Bunny collection and you have inspired me to use it. Thanks for all the cards and info that you post.

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