Prima Sun Kiss 2 and 3..

IMG_4101 (Medium)IMG_4102 (Medium)

Still with Prima Sun Kiss papers and matching chipboards, these ones are Mothers day cards.I have added lace and ribbon, and the swirly blingy bit is from prima,and I cut it into pieces and I have used it on a few cards,so although not the cheapest item I have ever bought, quite good value when you can use it on four or five cards!I hope you all are having a nice relaxing Easter , stay safe, Til tomorrow….

3 thoughts on “Prima Sun Kiss 2 and 3..

  1. Hello Helen……Lovely bright, warm and cheerful Cards. Just what I need to remind me Spring is coming (soon I hope!) Wonderful for Mothers Day! Helen, I hope you and your Family are having a lovely Easter! This year we have my sons here to Celebrate with us, which is wonderful! Easter is also my Birthday, so have two reasons to be very happy! Take care of yourself! Love Janice.xx

    1. Happy Birthday Janice, lovely to have your family with you! we have had a lovely day, my 3 sisters and all our families took Mum and dad out for lunch for their wedding anniversary, it was a lovely day, the restaurant was overlooking the wetlands, the sun was shining ( not too hot!) It’s been lovely.

      1. Thank you Helen for the Birthday Wishes! I had a lovely day, it was so special to have my 3 Boys & 3 of my Grandchildren here to celebrate it with me, it is a rare occasion to have my 3 Boys in one place together! Your day was wonderful too, so happy for you all! Love Janice. xx

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