Z fold flap card

IMG_4114 (Medium)This is the third card the ladies made at last months village lesson.I have put it up separately because I want to spend a little time explaining the measurements. I cut a piece of cardstock 10.5 cm wide and 30 cms long, folded it in half, and folded the front back on itself.I then cut a piece of cardstock 8cm wide by 20cm long and folded it in half. this is the flap that gets stuck on the back of the base card.After that it just a matter of decorating. I have used an older paper collection here from Stampin up,but I have done this style again with some Bo Bunny paper, and I have found that 4 different patterns within the paper range works best – a big design on the back, stripes down the folded card front, a smaller matching design on the front flap and very plain inside for writing on. This one below is the Bo Bunny card using the new secret garden range. Til tomorrow….IMG_4116 (Medium)

4 thoughts on “Z fold flap card

  1. Hello Helen……Wow! These are wonderful cards! I have never seen any cards like this before, and the papers you made them with are lovely too! How lucky for your Ladies at the Village to have you show them how to make these wonderful Cards. Helen, do you need a special size envelope to put them in? Hope by now you are starting to feel better and your voice has returned? Please take care of yourself…….Love Janice xx

    1. Janice the good thing about these cards is that they fit into a normal envelope. I always try to keep to that size because postage gets expensive if you differ from the standard sizes. Went to work today, but by no means better… my voice just works when it wants to,but I am hoping that it is all good by the weekend because I want to visit my sister who is confined to bed after a major operation on her ankle, and I can’t give her this virus!

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