prima A victorian Christmas…vintage style..5…9..

IMG_7240 (Medium)IMG_7241 (Medium)IMG_7242 (Medium)Hello, and it’s good to be back!Thank you for all your best wishes, i have had my knee op and am in recovery mode now – it already feels better, and just have to take it easy for a couple of weeks more, and then should be good as new! todays cards ( 5 of them today) are made using Prima’s new christmas range which is called a Victorian Christmas. Love this paper as it gives me a chance to use my ribbon and lace. I have also used just little bits of last years kaisercraft christmas papers, mainly to add the greetings, on the bottom three cards.Must get back to bed for now, but til tomorrow…..

4 thoughts on “prima A victorian Christmas…vintage style..5…9..

  1. Hello Helen……So very glad to hear all went well with your surgery, and you are back home again. Hope it won’t be long before you are ‘up and around again’.
    This Victorian Christmas set of papers is lovely, I really like how you have included the Vintage Cards, and I always love how you include the lace and ribbons. they are beautiful cards Helen! Could you please tell me what the size of your Cards are? Thank you for sharing the Cards and take care!

    1. Hi Janice,i’m doing well – hobbling around, but not yet able to sit at the craft table,but it won’t be long before I’m back there!My cards are c6, which is a piece of cardstock 21cmx 15 cm folded in half. I like this size as envelopes are readily available, and postage is just a normal stamp!

      1. Thank you so much Helen for the Card size; I have a Metric Ruler so will be able to convert easily. I am from Australia but have lived over here in the USA for many years. So glad you are doing well!

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