What I did yesterday….

IMG_0083IMG_0085IMG_0086 I had a couple of new products to try out and a free afternoon yesterday so I sat down and just played! Up in the top corner of the first photo there is a jar of Nuvo Glitter paste ( gold) which I brushed through a kaisercraft stencil to make a great background piece which is now sitting on my desk ready to be transformed into a card. I used a paintbrush to spread the paste and it dried super quickly with no heat required. The second experiment was with Liquitex iridescent medium. Firstly I tried applying it through a stencil with my brayer, which worked to a degree but it was a little patchy ( I used that first piece on the card that is in the top photo. I discarded the brayer for a paintbrush and liked that way better.. I had more control over how thickly I applied it, and got a more even spread. I used a heat tool to dry, but could have left it to dry naturally if I had more patience! The bottom two photos show how I used those backgrounds. I am looking forward to more experiments with both these products on my next free afternoon! Til tomorrow…..

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