Uniquely Creative Wise and free 5 and 6..

IMG_2022IMG_2027Todays cards both have an owl theme, and both are made with Uniquely Creative Wise and Free products. The top card is all papers and matching Creative Cuts, with some sequins and flowers added, and the second card is paper from the collection for the background and some Creative cuts, but also some stamping! The stamp is Uniquely Creative Wise and Free stamp and I coloured it with copic markers. A flower, doily and sequins to finish this one. After weeks and months of no rain today it is finally raining! Hopefully it is spread wide enough that it helps the firefighters in our Hills area as we are expecting more hot weather by Tuesday. I am just grateful to see it, and have all the dust settled. last night we had to do something we have never had to do before ..due to the choking smoke we had to head to the hardware store and pick up face masks. We are miles from the fire zones, so can only imagine what it is like closer to them. Today I am starting the big craft clean up… anything I haven’t used in the past year is going.. I have to make some room for new things so this is my only option… lets see how far I get before I get distracted….Til next time….

2 thoughts on “Uniquely Creative Wise and free 5 and 6..

  1. I’m sorry you have to deal with all the fires and smoke. It’s just so sad. I live in Oregon in the U.S. and most summers and Falls, there are fires everywhere. I hate it and it’s so sad to see that land get eaten up and nothing left but brown and ashes. Anyway.. your cards are gorgeous. I watch and read you all the time but don’t comment often. I love owls too and these are darling! Marilyn

    1. Thank you Marilyn. we have had a little rain,most of it is turning to steam before it hits the ground, but the cooler weather has eased conditions a little. There will be a lot of rebuilding to do once the crisis is over, these disasters seem to bring out the best in everyone and it is heartwarming to see all the help coming from all over the world, including your firefighters from America. My friend designed these papers, and I love them!They are brilliant to work with !

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