Yesterdays Retirement Village lesson…

IMG_6436IMG_6437IMG_6438Todays cards are the cards my ladies made over at the retirement village.Everything used ( except the ribbons on the top two cards) are Stampin Up supplies, and I admit I cheated on these ones taking inspiration from Pinterest! The colours I used on the top card was totally decided by the ribbon – I had it in my stash and was just waiting for a reason to use it- I love it! I always try to do three completely different cards for the ladies, and always include one male card, mainly because they avoid making them,so try to show them different ways of making and enjoying the process! this weekend my crafting mojo has finally reappeared, after going AWOL for a couple of weeks and I have been spending every spare minute in the craft room, so many ideas, so little time! Lots of wedding cards , they are a best seller over at the florists , luckilyn i love making wedding cards almost as much as baby cards! til tomorrow…..

6 thoughts on “Yesterdays Retirement Village lesson…

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love your cards and style! The three of these cards are beautiful! I’m an avid card maker too, stop by for a visit:)

      1. Hi Leslie – I just visited your blog, but couldnt find where i could leave a message – will have another look later when i am not rushing to work, but i just wanted to say, love your cards and love the tea cup and teapot stepper card. i have that cricut cartridge, i dont use the cricut as much as i should, I get the measurements wrong, and always end up with something too big for my card or too small. i guess its practise, so maybe you have inspired me to give it another go!

  2. Hello Helen….I am a little behind on checking on your Blog. have been a bit “under the weather!” Today I have finally made it and oh! what lovely Cards you had to show us! The Ladies at the Retirement Village are so very lucky to have you! The ribbon on the top card is so pretty, I love the color too, you have such a special way of adding ribbon, lace & flowers to Cards, I really admire how you do that! Was the Classic Car from a Stamp or did you fussy cut it out? That is a such a great embellishment for a Male card. Take care of yourself……Love, Janice. xx

    1. Sorry to hear you havent been well Janice, hope you are on the mend now.Thank you for your lovely comments – the classic car is a stamp which we stamped and then fussy cut out, and it’s from a Stampin Up set caalled Guy Greetings – a great set which i use a lot for mens cards! As for ribbon – I just can’t help myself!I think nowadays my cards are recognisable as mine just from the use of ribbon alone!Please look after yourself, Love Helen xx

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