Go Press and foil ..simple..

_MG_4603 (Medium)Todays card is a very simple one made with my Go Press and Foil machine to foil the Rose hot foil stamp ( couture Creations) in green foil, and then white cardstock for the rest. I dry embossed a piece of cardstock with a stampin up embossing folder,and Die cut a stitched oval ( Seven Paper Dolls die) One little white ribbon and this all occasion card is finished! I have a day off today and quite a bit of housework to catch up on, but I am sure I will find some spare time to unwind in the craft room…til tomorrow….

3 thoughts on “Go Press and foil ..simple..

    1. Hi Dianne! I have found that each persons success is dependant on a couple of things…as each persons die cutting machine is looser or tighter depending on how old their machine is , it takes a little practise to get it all sorted…if your machine is older you may have to add a shim to the sandwich. in your case I think the problem is more in your first step of the actual foiling. Try heating the foil . die and cardstock for a little less time. The glue on the foil is heat activated and if it is sticking on parts of the cardstock you dont want it too ( I had this problem to start with too) then the heating step is a smidge too long! Hope this helps and all makes sense!

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